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A performance review platform making the process of managing and organizing performance reviews more human and efficient for admins

How can 2 admins easily manage 90+ employees?

Performance reviews are a valuable part of human resource development. At Instrument through performance reviews, each employee is empowered to learn, grow and create a path forward. Admins are the hero's of this system - they hold it together and provide support all throughout the review cycle.

Currently, the admin team includes just 2 people. Facilitating and setting up reviews for at least 90 employees each review season can be overwhelming.

Admins' Tasks

Organize reviews
Organize heavy qualitative data on each employee
Provide support
Answer questions for 90 employees and leadership during a review season
Monitor progress
Make sure everyone completes their reviews on time and the overall process goes smoothly
Assign tasks & schedule meetings
Notify leaders and employees when a review is due and when they will be meeting

Current solution

Instrument currently uses google drive and sheets to track performance which is an inflexible, time consuming system that requires a lot of manual input.

Introducing Chime

Our solution, Chime, focuses on making the process of managing and organizing performance reviews more human and efficient for admins.

Batch Sorting

Admins can select more than one employee - or select all employees with completed forms to send to leadership in one click through the batch sorting feature.

Quality Control

On the individual employee's page, admins receive an overview of the employees review cycle. They can notate and quality check all documents. Admins can mark the documents as reviewed and ready to send to leadership through the 'forms reviewed' button.

Individual page
Empty state

Using a chatbot as an assistant

In order to reduce manual input and workload so admins can focus on what's important, we designed an intuitive bot - Chi.

Chi sends automated reminders to the employee if their self-assessment has not been completed

Chi also offers to help answer any quick questions the employee might have about the review process.

If Chi is unable to answer more complex questions, it provides the employee with other options - such as asking the admin or the channel.

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