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Austrian Economists

A storytelling platform that introduces the most iconic figures of Austrian school of Economics.

They are great economists, but not famous ones

Austrian economists such as Mises and Rothbard are the ones who have the most influence on me. I have benefited a lot from them and the Austrian economics community. I have been thinking about what I can do to give back to this community that is not noticed but has always had an impact on the world. This is what motivated me to do this project.

I want to let more people know these great, yet not famous economists.

Current platforms

The current channels for obtaining information of Austrian economists are mainly Wikipedia and scholastic websites such as mises.org. These academic platforms are often text-heavy, and the design is outdated. My goal was to make a platform that is friendly to people with or without a scholarly background.

Subvert the image of the academic platform

Create an engaging experience
I wanted to create an engaging experience to arouse people's interest. Interactive timeline became my main inspiration.

Inspiration Board

Minimal visual style
Since this platform is an entrance to Austrian economics, I tried to avoid overwhelming users with too much information at this stage. Therefore, I chose the minimal visual style with contrasty colors that stand for Austrian economics.

Mood Board

Tell stories through engaging experience

The plain text is now converted into a vivid Image-heavy timeline. Users can effortlessly browse the major events of each iconic economist through the timeline.

Streamlined reading

To create a smoother browsing experience, the text length of each event is limited to about 100 words.

Guide those who are interested to dig deeper

As the main goal is to arouse users' interest in Austrian economics, it is important to guide users to dig deeper when they are interested. Hence all the works of economists have an external link which is direct access to the work.


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