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Yang, Hai(meaning: ocean)

Who am I

- A UI/UX designer. I am currently a fourth-year New Media Design student at Rochester Institute of Technology and will be graduating in May 2019. Coming from a coding background, I see design as a logical and practical means of problem-solving. I believe both pixel-perfect visual and smooth micro-interaction matters to the good user experience.

- A tech nerd. Electronic products are my toys growing up. From wearables to hi-res music players, I am always curious about new electronic devices. I have been fascinated by the power of software design since I got my first smartphone. Here are some examples that inspired me to be a product designer - HP Pre 3 , Nokia N9 , iPod touch 4th-gen , Smartisan T1 ...

When I am not designing, I like to read economic books and articles, enjoy hi-res music, and play basketball with friends - on 2k or real court.

About yanghai.co

yanghai.co is designed and coded by me in 2019. Libraries provided by Skrollr, Processing. Big shout-out to open source!